Teaching Bank

The teaching bank is almost complete. It would take days to read through all the presentations available there, hope you find them useful. As you can see from the teaching bank section there are a few sessions missing, a gap I’m planning to fill shortly. In addition there is a pile of “additional materials” including handouts prepared by members of the training programme over the last 5 years. I’ll be including these in the site as soon as I work out the best way of displaying them (which may just to include in the presentation section, or to create a separate section).

Trauma pages, PACT, and developments….

Hello All,

TEaMICM seems to have had a well received start, thanks for all your support. You’ll notice various changes around the place occasionally as I seek to make improvements.

The teaching bank is nearly up to date, only a few more presentations to upload. At the moment its a bit tricky to navigate around, and some of the links are broken, updates soon!

We’ve decided to “upgrade” the trauma pages, and these now have pride of place on the banner to reflect NUH’s new trauma centre status. These pages will be used to develop practise in major trauma within ICU & anaesthetics but are in no way just for those at NUH! If our new plans for trauma are to work we must all work well within the network, so would be delighted in interest and involvement from elsewhere. As a start presentations from the weekly Trauma Forum will be available here (starting with mine….)

In other news - there have been quite a few PACT updates recently and this resource comes recommended to all trainees (and consultants for that matter). It’s now included with ESCIM membership, so a relative bargain. Check it out at

The next advanced training is planned for the 28th Feb - everyone welcome as usual. At the moment we’re still organising this via email, but like everything else it will be making its way onto here in due course!


Welcome Everyone...

Thanks for the messages of encouragement received so far, and apologies to those in Northampton who I left off the subscription page!

You’ll see as you explore that there are lots of blank pages. I thought it best just to get the site up and running and fill in the blanks later. I also hope you might help, if there’s something you’d like to see up here, or you’ve suggestions for page content please send it to me. This applies especially for the “unit” pages but also to everything else as well!

You can comment on blog posts like this one, and also now comment freely on Critical Insight as well.


First Go!

What will it look like ?