Oct 2014

Manchester Respiratory Study Day

Colleagues in the North West are running an update day in Respiratory Critical Care Medicine on January 30th. The program is here and looks excellent. Whilst the day is designed for consultants, senior advanced registrars will also stand to gain a great deal.... the application form is here.

ESICM Barcelona Conference

An excellent resource has just become available from the ESICM. There are powerpoint & audio streams from virtually all of their recent conference, which is always very good. Another good reason to join if you haven’t already....


Leicester Organ Donation Day

Jonathan Thompson, ICU Consultant and Clinical Lead for Organ Donation, has organised an educational day on Organ Donation.

The program looks excellent, and includes many national speakers of high quality. The interest is such that they have moved the event to a larger venue, and as a result the invitation has been extended to the whole region.

I would recommend all ICM trainees to try to attend if they can.....

Here’s what Jonathan has said about the event....

“We are holding a multidisciplinary educational event on 21st November 2014 at Leicester Tigers Rugby Football Club, titled 'Taking Organ Donation to 2020'. The day aims both to raise awareness of several matters related to Organ Donation, but also has a significant educational component.  Although open to all practitioners, most of the speakers are medical and there will be a variety of presentations relevant to all, whether you are directly or indirectly involved in organ donation, and at every level of careers.

You will see from the attached programme that our programme includes a variety of experienced and eminent speakers. There is a nominal fee for non-UHL staff of £40 per person to cover catering costs.

There has been significant interest locally, to the extent that we have had to book a larger conference facility. Hence we are now able to extend the invitation to the rest of the East Midlands, and I would be grateful if you could circulate this invitation to any of your medical and nursing colleagues who may be interested in attending. Places remain limited, and anyone wishing to attend should email my Assistant
kizzy.laird-connolly@uhl-tr.nhs.uk for further details and to confirm a place.

Thanks in advance for your support and I look forward to seeing you and your colleagues in Leicester.”