Feb 2012


Congratulations to Dale Gardiner who has recently been appointed to the UK Donation Ethics Committee (UKDEC). This is a fantastic achievement and very well deserved. To support him in this role Dale has a new website at www.clodlog.com, which will grow into a fantastic site and already has some very useful resources. We’ll be moving most of the donation resources from TEaMICM here shortly.

Teaching Bank

The teaching bank is almost complete. It would take days to read through all the presentations available there, hope you find them useful. As you can see from the teaching bank section there are a few sessions missing, a gap I’m planning to fill shortly. In addition there is a pile of “additional materials” including handouts prepared by members of the training programme over the last 5 years. I’ll be including these in the site as soon as I work out the best way of displaying them (which may just to include in the presentation section, or to create a separate section).

Chest Ultrasound

There are still places on the ICS introduction to Chest USS one-day course. This is a good introduction to the technique, and having been on the course I could recommend it. Details here.

ICM Careers Day

The Trainee Committee of the ICS are holding their ICM Careers day twice this year following the popularity of its inaugural outing last year. Aimed at junior trainees considering, or in the first stages of, ICM training. An excellent opportunity to hear about changes in training structure, hints, tips & pitfalls as well as catch up with peers from other regions. Details here.

PS. The examination schedule is now out for the new FICM exam on the website….